Workshop »Game meets Theatre« // 12th to 15th November 2013 // Košice

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Some impressions of our game theatre in Košice as part of the seminar »Play again! – Games & Culture« in Košice. We had had an amazing time with the 13 workshop participants. We adapted our project RECONSTRUCTION for the Tabačka factory in Košice. We managed it to present our game theatre project bilingual (English and Slovakian).

No need to wait, surely we can find each other. Always. Everything is possible. We’ll meet where dreams and reality collide and merge. We meet right after I close my eyes. Right now! Imagination is the key!

Nemusím čakať, veď sa nájdeme. Vždy. Všetko je možné. Stretneme sa tam, kde sa sen prelína so skutočnosťou. Stretneme sa len čo zatvorím oči. Hneď teraz! Kľúčom je predstavivosť!

(translation of our scipt by Ludmilla & Janka, text: Maike Thies)

We would definitely like to come back to Tabačka factory in 2014. We can’t wait to see the wonderful tabačka team and our friends from the workshop again.

Special thanks to Lucia, Tibor, Ludmilla & Jakub, Lea, Faustina, Miro, Paul, Jan Galik, Peter, Lukas, Jan & Janka for their deep commitment and outstanding contribution!


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