Über UrbanOut

»UrbanOut« arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von Bühnenbild, Game Design und Theater/Performance mittels transmedialer Interventionen. Im Rahmen unserer Projekte wird das Publikum zum teilnehmenden Beobachter, zum Akteur.
Unsere Arbeiten sollen neue Erfahrungs- und Handlungsräume für alle Teilnehmer eröffnen.

»the role of artists…is to envision a space where visitors are encouraged (but not constrained), to move in certain ways, inspired (but not forced) to use the space creatively, pulled (but not pushed) to feel they are helping to shape the space even as they enjoy themselves in it«
Barber Benjamin (2009): The Art of Public Space. In: The Nation, 31.08. 2009.

»Thus space is composed of intersections of mobile elements. It is in a sense actuated by the ensemble of movements deployed within it. Space occurs as the effect produced by the operations that orient it, situate it, temporalize it and make it function in a polyvalent unity of conflictual programs or contractual proximities.«       
Certeau, Michel de (1984): The Practice of Everyday Life, trans. Steven Randall, Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, S. 118.


Andi Bissig (Sound Design)

Flurin Fischer (Visuals, Film)

May Hua Loh (Interaction Design)

Mikki Levy-Strasser (Scenography)

Maike Thies (Creative Director / Project Coordinator)

Fidel Thomet (Interaction Design)

Samuel Vonäsch (Game Design)


Christian Enzler (Game Design)

Steffi Mrachacz (Director)

David Hohl (Composition)

Casper Montalta (Sound)

Lisa-Katrina-Meyer (Actress)

Steffen Link (Actor)

Tobias Bienz (Actor)

Dimitri Stapfer (Actor)

Dagmar Renfer (Speaker)




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